Get Outside Pre-production Prep

Before shooting begins on Get Outside, there is a lot of prep to do. Some of the locations for filming have already been chosen and there are others that need to be scouted before being finalized. Thankfully the weather is starting to co-operate. I was getting worried that I would be shooting this series in snow and ice.

I will keep the locations secret for now, although if you follow us on twitter, facebook, or instagram you may see some photos teasing where we will be.

We have been assembling all the gear that we will need to shoot. This includes cameras, camera mounts, tents, backpacks, and a canoe. I must thank Swift Canoe for their generosity in helping us get a new canoe to use in the show. I have already taken it for a couple of test runs. It is an excellent canoe.

I do have to admit to making a stupid mistake on my first test run. I decided to take it down a nearby river that flows into Lake Ontario. I have canoed up and down this river before but always started at the bottom. This time I decided to start upstream. So I set off heading downstream toward the lake. Because of all the melt water, the river was high and running really fast. I thought to myself that it might be a little difficult to paddle back. I decided to give it a try.

I turned around and began paddling against the current. It was really slow going. I came to a sharp bend in the river and could not make it round. The boat just turned and headed back down the river.

So, what to do? My car was upstream. It is about 3 km from where I parked down to the lake. Fortunately I had my phone with me. I sheepishly called my brother to pick up my car and bring it down to the lake. All worked out in the end. It was a fun little adventure and it was just so nice to be out on the water after such a long winter.

As of now, our first filming date with either be May 12 or 13. The show will be delivered at the end of July and should premiere shortly afterwards. I hope you all get a chance to watch.

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