Get Lost and Find Yourself

Backcountry Retreats with Ben Stacey from Two Men and a Canoe

I am looking for entrepreneurs, business teams, groups, and more to take on an adventure that will help them bond, grow personally, and likely change them in ways that they would not expect.

Entrepreneurs and business people are incredible people. They are often creative, innovative, take risks, and are hard workers. It is also easy to get caught up in what it takes to be successful and lose sight of who you are.

I am an entrepreneur. I am a video producer, I am creative, I love helping people realize their vision in moving images, and I get to work with a lot of amazing people . It is rewarding and at the same time could become overwhelming.

What has kept me sane and grounded all these years is getting out into the real world. What do I mean by the real world? I mean nature. I spend a huge amount of time out in nature, camping, canoeing, hiking, and more.

There is nothing that will help you reconnect with yourself more than spending time in nature. Being out in the wilderness is a challenging and humbling venture. The rules that we have created for ourselves in our day to day life do not apply. Only nature's rules matter. It is incredibly life affirming to surrender to nature. For me, this is the real world.

I have learned more about myself facing the challenges of being out in the wilderness for multiple days than anything else.

I will be taking groups ranging from two to six people out with me for a minimum of four days, paddling and camping in the wilderness. I will be providing all the gear needed and will teach you the basic skills that you will need to make the trip a success. I will also be documenting the entire trip on video and producing a fully edited video of the adventure.


*Why a minimum of four days?

Anyone can spend a single night camping. Two nights may be a slight challenge, but to really experience nature and to grow as a person, at least three nights (four days) are necessary.

*Can we do more than four days?

Yes. More days is possible. Additional costs and possibly additional gear will be necessary.

*Do you provide food?

Generally, No. There are so many different diets these days that it may not be possible to satisfy everyone's dietary needs. Plus, some people like me are picky eaters. I will provide suggestions, but each person should bring their own meals. If you really want us to provide food, we can but we will have to agree on a menu and additional costs. All food will be hung in a bear bag at night.

*What? Bears!

There is always the possibility of running into wildlife. It is rarely a problem. In my almost 30 years of backcountry camping I have never had a bear in my camp. Consider it a privilege if we do see a bear.

*What about weather?

Once the trip is planned we go regardless of weather. That is all part of the experience and the challenge. No one remembers the trips with perfect weather anyway.

*What gear is provided?

We will provide all the basic gear that you will need. This includes, a canoe, paddles, PFD, tent, sleeping matt, sleeping bag, emergency whistle, personal first aid kit.

*Can I bring my own gear?

We will still provide the canoe and tent, but if you have your own paddle, PFD, or sleeping bag feel free to bring it. Just let us know in advance.


*First Aid

Ben Stacey is certified in Wilderness First Aid.


Contact for Pricing, Available Dates, or if you need more Information

Best contact options are through Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube


Due to COVID 19 all spring dates were cancelled. Now that backcountry camping is allowed again we will be getting back out there. We will be complying with all restrictions that may be in place including as of June 1st limiting 5 people total per trip. This may change.
We will be able to maintain physical distancing during trips. We will bring sanitizer and masks may be worn where appropriate.


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